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大连外国语学院小语种考试英语样卷 单项填空( 小题; 第一节 单项填空(共 35 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 35 分) 1. The couple tried every effort to ______ the judges, who tried the case, of their innocence, resulting in the contrary. A. prove B. charge C. convince D. confirm

2. As we know, plastics is more harmful to the environment in that it won’t ______ in more than one hundred years. A. get rid of B. break down C. get away D. break out

3. There is too much noise in the street. _______, it attracts people from all over the world for its local art. A. Still B. Though C. Instead D. And

4. The change of the school site will cost a lot, ________ it will make the school develop in the long run. A. or B. since C. for D. yet

5. We need a more capable leader, _______ with strong will and good humor. A. who B. that C. one D. which

6. Fred, feeling unsure about how it would go with his daughter, had a great worry _______ his mind. A. on B. in C. with D. at

7. What was declared by the court is this: the power plant _______ pay overall damages for the economic losses caused by the power cut. A. can B. might C. shall D. will

8. The next moment, ______ he realized what was happening, he was knocked down by a red car passing by him. A. since 9. B. before C. when D. after

After ten minutes’ break, the speaker ______the story from where he left off. A. kept on B. went on C. made up D. took up

10. She rushed out of the house, ______ her baby in her arms, and drove quickly to the nearest hospital. A. to carry B. carrying C. carried D. having carried

11. I’m hunting for a house, nice, bright, comfortable and ______ with a big garden. A. all over B. after all C. above all D. in all

12. It is more than six months now______ he left home and it will be another week ______ he returns. A. since; before B. before; when C. since; from D. from; while

13. All visitors ______ not to touch the exhibits in the Palace Museum in Beijing. A. will request B. are requesting C. have requested D. are requested

14. So difficult ______ it to manage business affairs that I decided to take up art courses instead. A. I have felt B. did I feel C. I did feel D. Have I felt

15. According to ______ announcement by Guangzhou Price Bureau, ______ new measures which have been taken recently are expected to cut the operation costs by 5%. A. the; / B. an; the C./; the D. an; /

16. If you’ re looking for an exciting place with lots of street life, ______ moving to this city, where the streets are filled all day, bars and night clubs are open until 4 o’clock in the morning, and the buses and subways run all night. A. enjoy B. you’d better C. be sure D. consider

17. Most of us know we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn’t much help when it ______ shopping and eating. A. speaks of B. comes to C. refers to D. goes to

18. _____ the term is finished, I’m going to rest a few days and then take a trip. A. Now that B. Even if C. As if D. So that

19. The leather shoes ______$1000 turned out to be a fake. A. which he was charged C. on which he was charged B. which he charged D. for which he was charged

20. Why! I have nothing to confess. ______ you want to say? A. How is it that C. What it is that B. How it is that D. What is it that

21. The manager entered the office and was happy to learn that 80 % of the tickets ______. A. have been booked C. had been booked B. were booked D. was booked

22. Deep in the forest ______, who made no contact with the outside world. A. living an old couple C. were an old couple living B. lived an old couple D. did an old couple live

23. The students here ______ all kinds of exercises every day in the past four days. A. have been kept busy doing C. kept busy doing B. have kept busy doing D. keep on doing

24. The rain is plentiful in the southeast of the country, ______ yearly. A. as much seventy inches as C. seventy inches as much as B. as seventy inches much as D. as much as seventy inches

25. The careless driver is ______ for the traffic accident that _____ yesterday. A. to blame; happened C. to be blamed; was happened B. to blame; was happening D. to be blamed; happened

26. It’s beyond description. Nowhere else in the world ______ such a beautiful place. A. you can find C. can find you B. there can be D. can there be

27. ______ left before the deadline, it doesn’t seem likely that John will finish the job. A. Though such a short time C. With such a short time B. Because such a short time D. As such a short time

28. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, ______ was very reasonable. A. which price C. the price of whose B. the price of which D. its price

29. --Did you remember to pay the telephone bill? --The telephone bill? ______ A. Are you sure? C. My telephone is out of order. B. That isn’t due yet. D. Please remember the amount.

30. --The weather turned out to be fine yesterday. --I ______ the trouble to carry my umbrella with me. A. needn’t have taken C. mustn’t have taken B. could have taken D. should have taken

31. --What an amusing film! It’s the most interesting film I’ve ever seen. --But I’m sure it won’t interest ______. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody

32. --How did you find your voluntary work in the local hospital? --Meaningful. It offered us a chance to help those patients and developed our ______ of social responsibility as well. A. awareness B. readiness C. uniqueness D. loneliness

33. --Any information about your son? --No. If only I ______ those tough words to him. A. wouldn’t say C. shouldn’t have said B. hadn’t said D. couldn’t have said

34. --How can I get to the other bank of the river? --You can’t get there ______ by swimming. A. more than C. other than B. no more than D. rather than

35. --Excuse me, can you tell me where the city theatre is, please? -- ______. Oh yes! It is past the supermarket, next to a bank. A. Oh I beg your pardon? C. You are welcome. B. What do you mean? D. Mm, let me think.

完型填空( 小题; 第二节 完型填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Of course it’s OK to have 36 and downs in your feeling, but having low

self-esteem isn’t OK. Feeling like you’re not important can make you sad and can keep you 37 trying new things. It can keep you from making friends or

hurt how to do at school. Having strong self-esteem is also a very big part of growing up; 38 you get older and face tough decisions—especially 40 39

peer pressure—the more self-esteem you have, you’re worth a lot. If you think you 41

. It is important to know

have low self-esteem, try talking to 42 some good

an adult you trust about it. He or she may be able to help you ideas for finding your self-esteem. to 44 43

, here are a few things that you can try

your self-esteem: Remember that your body is your own, no matter

what shapes, size, or color it is. If you are worried about your weight or size, you can 45 with your doctor to make sure that things are OK. Remember that 46 —such as skin color and toe 48 of

there are things about yourself you can’t size—and you should you. Remind yourself 47 49

and love these things because they are

things about your body that are cool, like, “My 50 comments in

legs are strong and I can skate really well.” When you hear

your head, mentally tell yourself to stop. The critical voice inside you will soon lose its power. Give yourself three compliments every day. Don’t just say, “I’m so great.” Be specific about something good about yourself, like, “I was a good friend to Jill today” or “I did 51 on that test than I thought I would.”

While you are at it, before you go to bed every night, list three things in your day 52 really made you happy. By focusing 53 the good things you do and all

your great qualities, you learn to love and accept yourself, and that’s the main ingredient for 54 self-esteem. Even if you’ve got room for improvement, 55 and important helps your self-esteem to shine.

realizing that you’re

36. A. ups 37. A. on 38. A. while 39. A. with

B. ifs B. from B. when B. under

C. buts C. up C. since C. upon

D. highs D. back D. as D. like

40. A. the better 41. A. should 42. A.come about 43. A.In no time 44. A. add 45. A. check 46. A. move 47. A. receive 48. A. body 49. A. about 50. A. good 51. A. better 52. A. when 53. A. by 54. A. boasting 55. A. valuable

B. the worse B. can’t B.come with B. In a while B. keep B. examine B. remove B. accept B. possession B. for B. great B. much B. that B. on B. listing B. worth

C. the more C. shall

D. the much D. might D. come back

up C. come to

C. In addition C. promote C. test C. change C. gain C. belonging C. of C. negative C. more C. on which C. about C. shining C. priceless

D. By contrast D. stand D. telephone D. lose D. get D. part D. that D. pleasant D. less D. as D. for D. improving D. worthy

第二部分:阅读理解( 小题; 第二部分:阅读理解(共 25 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) A In the opinion of many Americans and Europeans, we began to really explore our world only in the sixteenth century. According to them, the sailors of the ancient world did not explore distant parts of the world; they did not have the necessary knowledge or skills for long sea journeys. However, the people who have this opinion are forgetting two important facts of history. First, sometimes early scientists have an idea which is correct, but scientists in later centuries do not believe it. For example, about 270 B.C, a Greek scientist had an idea which we all believe today: The earth moves around the sun. But for the following 1600 years scientists did not believe this. In their opinion, the sun clearly moved around the earth. They disapproved the truth again only in the

fifteenth century! The second fact of history that many people forgot is this: Ancient does not mean simple. For example, the ancient Egyptians knew a great deal about the stars; they used this knowledge to find their way across the oceans. Two thousand years ago a Greek scientist who lived in Egypt calculated the distance around the earth. The result of his calculations was close to the actual distance we know today! So the ancients had a great deal of scientific knowledge. They also had skills which equaled the skills of today. For example, 1300 years ago and before, fishermen in Ireland built their boats of wood and leather. Today some fishermen in Ireland still make boats of the same design. They use tools and materials which are not very different from the tools and materials which their ancestors used. Why? The ancient design of the boats is good, and with skillful sailors, these boats can sail in all kinds of weather. Clearly, long before the sixteenth century people had the skills, the knowledge, and the equipment which were necessary for long journeys by sea. The world did not have to wait until the sixteenth century for its first explorers!

56. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. According to the writer, we only began to really explore the world in the sixteenth century. B. The ancient Egyptians had very little knowledge about the stars. C. In the history of science, people sometimes have to discover a fact a second time. D. The writer agrees with many Americans and Europeans except for the two facts mentioned in the passage. 57. Why does the writer use the example of the Greek scientist who calculated the distance around the world? A. He wants to show it is ancient Greek scientist that calculated the distance around the world. B. He wants to give an example of something which later scientist greatly

improved. C. He wants to show that science has not been developing significantly. D. He wants to give an example of scientific knowledge available to early explorers. 58. According to the writer, why do Irish fishermen still use boats like the boats their ancestors used 1000 years ago? A. They don’t have the money for expensive boats. B. Boats made of wood or leather are light and fast. C. The necessary materials are easily available. D. The design of the boats is very good. 59. “People from the ancient world sailed around Africa. They even reached America.” In your opinion, how WOULD the writer of the passage feel about these statements? A. In his opinion, they are possible. B. He does not believe them. C. He had used this as an important fact to praise ancient civilization. D. In his opinion, ancient explorers did not have the skills necessary for long journeys. B There are two types of people in the world. Although they are equal degrees of health and wealth and the other comforts of life, one becomes happy;the other ; becomes miserable. This arises from the different way in which they consider things, persons and events, and the resulting effects upon their minds. The people who are to be happy fix their attention on the conveniences of things, the pleasant parts of conversation, the well-prepared dishes, the goodness of the wines, and the fine weather. They enjoy all the cheerful things. Those who are to be unhappy think and speak only of the contrary things. Therefore, they are continually discontented. By their remarks, they sour the pleasures of the society, offend many people, and make themselves disagreeable everywhere. If this turn of mind were founded in nature, such unhappy persons would be the more to be

pitied. The tendency to criticize and be disgusted is perhaps taken up originally by limitation. It grows into a habit, unknown to its possessors. The habit may be strong, but it may be cured when those who have it are convinced of its bad effects on their interests and tastes. I hope this little warning may be of service to them, and change this habit. Although in fact it is chiefly an act of the imagination, it has serious consequences in life, since it brings on deep sorrow and bad luck. Those people offend many others, nobody loves them, and no one treats them with more than the most common politeness and respect. This frequently puts them in bad temper and draws them into arguments: If they aim at obtaining some advantage in rank or fortune, nobody wishes them success. If they bring on themselves public disapproval, no one will change this bad habit and condescend to be pleased with what is pleasing, without worrying needlessly about themselves and others. If they do not, it will be good for others to avoid any contact with them. Otherwise, it can be disagreeable and sometimes very inconvenient, especially when one becomes mixed up in their quarrels.

60. People who are unhappy ______. A. always consider things differently from others B. usually are influenced by the results of certain things C. can discover the unpleasant part of certain things D. usually have a fault-finding habit 61. The sentence “They sour the pleasures of the society” (in Para.2) most likely means ______. A. they have a good taste to the pleasures of society B. they displease others C. they feel happy with the pleasures of society D. they enjoy the pleasure of society 62. Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the passage? A. We should pity all such unhappy people.

B. Such unhappy people are critical about everything. C. If such unhappy people recognize the bad effects of the habit on themselves, they may get rid of it. D. Such unhappy people are also not content with themselves. 63. If such unhappy persons don’t change their bad behavior, what should people do according to the author? A. People should avoid contact with them. B. People should criticize the misconduct. C. People should help them recognize the bad effects of the habit. D. People should show no respect and politeness to them. C We all know the DNA has the ability to identify individuals but, because it is taken over from their ancestors, there are also regions of the DNA thread which can relate an individual to his or her family (immediate and extended), ethnic group and even an entire population. Molecular Genealogy can use this unique identification provided by the genetic markers to link people together into family trees. Pedigrees (家谱 , 血统 based on such genetic markers can mean a 家谱, 血统) 家谱 breakthrough for family trees where information is incomplete or missing due to adoption, illegitimacy or lack of records. There are many communities and populations, which have lost precious records due to tragic events such as the fire in the Irish courts during Civil War in 1921 or American slaves for whom many records were never kept in the first place. The main goal of the Molecular Genealogy Research Group is to build a database containing over 100,000 DNA samples from individuals all over the world. These individuals will have provided a pedigree chart of at least four generations and a small blood sample. Once the database has enough samples to represent the world genetic make-up, it will eventually help in solving many issues regarding genealogies that could not be done by relying only on traditional written records. Theoretically, any individual will someday be able to find out his or her family origins through this database.

In the meantime, as the database is being created, molecular genealogy can already confirm possible or suspected relationships between individuals. “For example, if two men sharing the same last name believe that they are related, but no written record proves this relationship, we can make sure of this possibility by collecting a sample of DNA from both and looking for common markers. In this case we can look primarily at the Y chromosome (染色体) explains Ugo A. 染色体) ,” Perego, a member of the BYU Molecular Genealogy research team.

64. People in certain area may possess the same DNA thread because ______. A. DNA is characteristic of a region B. they are of common ancestry C. DNA thread has the ability to identify individuals D. their unique identification can be provided via DNA 65. This possible research of family trees is based on the fact that ______. A. genetics has achieved a breakthrough B. genetic information contained in DNA can be brought to view now C. each individual carries a unique record of who he is and how he is related to others D. we can use DNA to prove how distant an individual is to a family or a population 66. The Molecular Genealogy Research Group is building a database for the purpose of ______. A. offering assistance in working out genealogy-related problem B. solving many issues without relying on traditional written records C. providing a pedigree chart of at least four generations in the world D. confirming the theory that all individuals are of the same origin 67. If two men are suspected of sharing a common ancestor for some reason, ______. A. we can decide according to their family tree B. we can find the truth from their genetic markers

C. we can compare the differences in their Y chromosome D. we can look for written records to prove their relationship D Collections were the inspiration for a project at Thomas Tallis School, which formed part of the Imagine Children’s Literature Festival last autumn. Each child (aged 12-13) beautified a box and wrote a story on the subject of collections to throw inside it. The boxes were spread within the Royal Festival Hall’s Ballroom. The subject chosen by Lauren was an imaginative one. “It’s a sort of Cinderella (灰姑娘)story,” she told me, inspired by a collection of letters from 灰姑娘) her cousin. In the story these became love letters, burned by a cruel stepmother. Lauren’s best friend Charlotte is the stepmother. “I’m in Charlotte’s story too,” says Lauren, “and I get run over.” Charlotte’s tale was inspired by the girls’ coin collection. “We’ve collected foreign coins for years—since our families went on holiday to Tenerife,” she explains. “That was before the Euro, so we put pesetas in.” Lauren continues: “I find a coin in the road, go to collect it and get run over. I’m in hospital and then I die.” Charlotte adds: “Or she might not die. I haven’t decided yet.” Millie Murray, who is a teen novel author, thinks that setting the subject of collections was a useful inspiration to their creativity rather than a restriction. “In the beginning I thought, ‘Will the children be able to do it?’” she says. “But it’s been fruitful. Some have their own collection, some have parents who do, and some have written complete stories. It’s made them think about something they wouldn’t have otherwise, which can only be a good thing.”

68. What were the children asked to do in the project? A. To make friends at Thomas Tallis School. B. To write stories on the subject of collections. C. To encourage visitors to write their own stories. D. To have their friends for characters in the stories.

69. The underlined word “pesetas”(in Para.2)is a kind of ______. ( ) A. story B. collection C. inspiration D. foreign coin

70. From the stories by Lauren and Charlotte, we know that ______. A. Charlotte hurt herself when getting a coin B. Both of them developed their imagination C. Both of them will die in each other’s stories D. Lauren’s cousin posted her some love letters 71. Millie Murray thinks ______. A. collections could inspire writing creativity B. it was good for parents to have collections C. inspirations were very useful in writing stories D. setting collection subjects restricted inspirations E Most earthquakes occur within the upper 15 miles of the earth’s surface. But earthquakes can and do occur at all depths to about 426 miles. Their number decreases as the depth increases. At about 426 miles one earthquake occurs only every few years. Near the surface earthquakes may run as high as 100 in a month, but the yearly average does differ very much. The degree of disaster in the earthquake depends on many factors. If you carefully build a toy house on a table, it will still stand no matter how much you shake the table. But if you build it with a pack of cards, a slight shake of the table will make it fall. An earthquake in Agadir, Morocca(摩洛哥 was not 摩洛哥), 摩洛哥 strong enough to be recorded on distant instruments, but it completely destroyed the city. Many stronger earthquakes have done comparatively little damage. Most deaths in earthquakes have been due to faulty building construction or poor building sites. A third and very serious factor is panic. When people rush out into narrow streets, more deaths will result. The United Nations has played an important part in reducing the damage done by earthquakes. It has sent a team of experts to many countries. Working with local geologists and engineers, the experts have studied the nature of the ground

and make the type of most practical building rules for the local area. If followed, these suggestions will make disastrous earthquakes almost a thing of the past. There is one type of earthquake disaster that little can be done about. This is the disaster caused by tsunamis. In certain areas, earthquakes take place beneath the sea. They sometimes give rise to sea waves. The waves are not noticeable out at sea because of their long wave length. But when they roll into harbors, they pile up into walls of water 6 to 60 feet high. Tsunamis travels rather slowly. A warming system is in use to warn all shores likely to be reached by the waves. But this only enables people to leave the threatened shores for higher ground. There is no way to stop the oncoming waves.

72. Which of the following can NOT be concluded from the passage? A. The number of earthquakes is closely related to death. B. The number of earthquake each year is not quite different. C. Earthquakes are impossible to depths over 460 miles. D. Earthquakes are most likely to occur near the surface. 73. The destruction of Agagir is an example of ______. A. poorly-built buildings B. an earthquake’s strength C. widespread panic in earthquakes D. ineffective instructions 74. The United Nations’ experts sent to the countries are supposed to ______. A. design strong buildings B. put forward suggestions C. forecast disastrous earthquakes D. report earthquakes to UN 75. The slow speed of tsunamis means that people may ______. A. notice them out at sea B. find ways to stop them C. be warned early enough

D. develop warning system 76. The omitted subject in the elliptical clause “If followed” in para.3) should be ( ) ______. A. UN experts B. local builders C. earthquakes D. suggestions F Students’ Insurance What Is Covered under Contents? Under the “Contents” section,your possessions will be protected on a , “ new-for-old ” basis where items will be replaced as new—regardless of their age or condition. “Contents” include books, radios, audios and video players, TVs, jewellery, home computers, furniture, household goods, other electrical equipment. They will be insured as follows: ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ Theft Fire, Lighting, Explosion Malicious(恶意的 Damage 恶意的) 恶意的 Storm, Flood and Other Natural Disasters

But new-for-old cover does not include clothing and linen. Where does Cover Apply Anywhere in Australia whether in: ▲ ▲ Your Living Place While at College Your Parents’ Home or Any Temporary Residence—where you are

staying when away from College ▲ ▲ Your College or Students’ Union Building College Storage During Vacations

Plus The Following Benefits Included Free Loss or Damage to:

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

Gas, water and electricity meters and telephones—up to $300 TVs and videos rented in your name Library books—up to $300 Daily things bought—up to $500 as to cover described under “Contents” College or landlord’s Possessions in your rooms by Fire or Theft (if you

are legally responsible—up to $2000) ▲ Personal Money: from your room—up to $60

PLUS fraudulent(欺诈的 use of your Credit Card—up to $1,000 欺诈的) 欺诈的

77. If you lose an old video player the insurance company will______. A. pay you up to $30 in insurance B. replace it with a new one C. pay you nothing for it is old D. replace it with a used one 78. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A. Your household goods will not be insured due to natural disasters. B. You can be paid $2,000 for fraudulent use of your Credit Card. C. Your computer is insured when you are away from college. D. Your rented car is completely insured if damaged. 79. All of the following are included in the insurance project except ______. A. Audio and video players, TVs B. Jewellery, library books C. Furniture, home computers D. Clothing, linen and cars 80. It can be inferred from the passage that ______. A. if you lose a radio you can get another one B. if you have your possessions stolen outside Australia they are not insured C. if a fire breaks out in your room you can get everything back D. if your jewellery is stolen you will be paid as much as $300


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